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Fall 2017 Wholy Recipes





Our neighbor, Marilyn Vinks, agreed to pen this article for those who truly require GF &/or DF nutrition. As we still believe, most folks who think they need GF grains, can indeed enjoy the goodness of grains WHEN properly prepared by soaking & dehydrating first. Here is Marilyn’s Journey…


We started our gluten and dairy free journey after our youngest son was born with many food intolerances. We struggled for years to make wholesome food that everyone in our family could eat. Much of the gluten and dairy free options available at the store still held ingredients that caused issues for our family, as well as still being highly processed and not containing whole food nutrition. We also struggled with the expense of having to purchase small packages of multiple specialized ingredients, that would only work for one or two recipes. Margaret at Wholy Living has been an amazing resource for our family, in finding and ordering gluten free grains and other key ingredients that make gluten free cooking on a budget for a family possible. We have a grain grinder and can now make freshly ground whole grain flour that our whole family can eat. With assistance from research on Pintrest, and websites like Cultures for Health we now have an armamentarium of grains and recipes to now make bread, biscuits, pancakes, rolls and dessert possible for our family again!


The gluten free grains that we have been able to use are brown rice, sorghum, millet, quinoa, teff, almond and coconut flour, oat groats and gluten free rolled oats. Gluten free flour mixes often require a starch to keep the final product from being too dense, arrowroot powder, potato starch and tapioca starch have become an integral part of our baking. The binders for gluten free products that have worked best for us are flax seed, psyllium husk and chia seed. The dairy free items that we use regularly are coconut oil, palm kernel shortening, dark chocolate chips and flaked coconut for making coconut milk. Our journey has been long, and it isn’t over yet, but it is encouraging to have a reliable source for budget friendly ingredients!










Directions to 15091 Lazy Lady Lane  in Palmer:

Come to Palmer via the Glenn Highway. At the last light before heading to Glennallen, turn onto Arctic headed out of town toward the Butte, from Anchorage a right hand turn. Proceed about 3 miles across the Matanuska River to Clark Wolverine Road on the left. Turn up C W Road, following all the signs and general traffic pattern, go another 3 miles. Where Clark continues straight, turn left onto Wolverine Road. Go 1.5 miles to Lazy Lady Lane on the left. We are the 5th driveway on the right. Wholy Living signs should direct you right on in. Allow about an hour from Muldoon and 30 minutes from Freds in Wasilla except during the 5 pm rush hour traffic. If necessary, give us a call ~ 745-5639.


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