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My wonderful sister, Mary Kay, introduced us to this wonderful recipe when she sold Tupperware. It filled the large fix & mix bowl. When John worked his early morning shift, he always enjoyed a home made breakfast, while I enjoyed my comfy bed! Since retirement, we still love a bowl several times a week, sometimes with milk, sometimes with yogurt. Over the past 40+ years of whipping up a batch, the main ingredients remain, but we’ve added a few ‘good for you’ items.





In large bowl, combine:

            1/2 C sesame seeds

            1 C sunflower seeds

            1 C brown sugar

            1 C flax meal

            1 C chunked pumpkin seeds

            1 C coconut

Mix well to eliminate brown sugar clumps.

Add & mix well:

        10 C 7 grain rolled cereal

        2 T powdered vanilla or maple

Warm on stove top, then thoroughly mix into dry ingredients:

       1/2 C honey or agave

       1/2  C olive or coconut oil

       1/2 C butter

Spread out on cookie sheets. I use the silicone mats on the baking sheets. Bake at 250 until golden, stirring frequently.

Add nuts or dried fruit of your choice.

Optional ingredients: ’Melt’ peanut butter with oils.