Wholy Living Recipe


Quick & easy!This is a ‘granola bar’ cookie! Grab & go energy food!


In Bosch bowl with dough hook, mix until thoroughly blended:

                  1 stick butter                    1 ½ C our brown sugar
             1 ½ C peanut butter             4 eggs

    Then add:
              4 C rolled oats (I use 5 cups of my hot cereal mix freshly rolled 7 grain & oats with chopped sunflower seeds all ready in it.)
              2 C coconut 
½ t each baking soda & baking powder
              1 t vanilla powder
              1 ½ C chocolate chips


  Any other seeds or fruits for crunch & chew ~ pumpkin, sesame, flax  
  Scoop onto cookie sheet lined with Sil Pro baking mat. Bake 10 minutes until almost done. Store in airtight container. If you are like me, I can eat a dozen easily. Just bake a dozen or so at a time & freeze the dough in ball form for later batches! Or freeze the baked cookies. THESE ARE SO TASTY!

Margaret Loew
15091 Lazy Lady Lane
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