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From Elishaba’s Kitchen

The Original recipe, noted below in ( ) from the Candida Free Cookbook, is called Coconut Granola. My neighbor, Elishaba, brought it o a whole new nutrient & flavor level. This is not something I would naturally pour in a bowl, but once I tried it, WOW! I am hooked. Look for samples in the granary. As usual, a recipe is just a starting point. Add & subtract according to your own taste buds. Roasting  the buckwheat & quinoa first adds a pop to the cereal.

Love it with Nancy’s yogurt & Alaskan blueberries! 


In a skillet, roast (toast) for 4 - 5  minutes until golden:

                       2 C buckwheat groats (1 C)               1/2 C quinoa

Repeat for a total of 4 C buckwheat & 1 C quinoa


Chop in coffee mill or food processor:

                        2 C oat groats                                  flax to = 3 C flax meal

                        Pumpkin seeds to equal 2 C

Mix in large bowl with above ingredients:

                        1/2 C chia seeds (same)                  3 C chopped walnuts

                        1 C whole sunflower seeds             1 C almond flour

                        1 C coconut flour                             2 t salt (1/2 t )

                        2 T cinnamon

Melt together & pour over dry ingredients:

                        3/4 C maple syrup or 2 t Stevia (same)

                        1 C coconut oil (1/4 C)                    1/2 C butter

Mix thoroughly & bake at 350 for 20 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes.

Add:                 2 C coconut (1/2 C)                         2 C cranberries

Bake another 5 minutes to toast the coconut.  Cool & store in air tight containers. Enjoy cold with almond or regular milk.