Wholy Living Recipe



So refreshing and light, this salad lasts several days in the frig.

This is also a great substitute for potatoes or rice!

Cook: 1 1/2 C quinoa in 3 C water for 20 minutes. Let rest covered, about 10 minutes. Cool.

Chop: Using the smaller Big Mouth Chopper dicing blades, your favorite veggies. I use: carrots, celery sticks, sweet peppers, both green & purple cabbage (the larger dicing works better for cabbage), green onions, cucumbers, & cherry tomatoes.


Combine:  Mix cooled Quinoa & chopped veggies. Add sunflower seeds, diced turkey pepperoni, frozen peas, sprouts & a can of beans.


Dress & Toss:    I am a buttermilk dressing fan. Use vinegar & oil if you prefer.             

This took about 20 minutes including clean up.

The Best Fast Food is made at home!



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