Wholy Living Recipe



Our Family favorite made better!


Heat to dissolve in sauce pan:

                3 T beef gelatin                        3 T ECJ Sugar

                Juice from 1 large can of pears

Process in blender:

                Canned Pears                          1/3 C mayo

                1/2  C cottage cheese                 1 C frozen rasp- or blue-berries


Add the liquids to the blender. Pour into serving bowl & chill until set.

Variations: to add color, add some colorful berries to blender. The original was made with green Jello, but this works so well without all the packaged ingredients! Garnish with come colorful berries to serve.

Note: 1 T is enough gelatin for 2 C of liquids. Use your imagination to create your own homemade Jello dishes! 1# is enough for a lifetime! I am so excited to use mine! 




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