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  Our Story

Margaret Loew, owner

The John Loew Family
15091 Lazy Lady Lane
Palmer, Alaska 99645
Phone: 907-745-5639


                      The History of Wholy Living ~ Established 1993

          Soon after our August 9, 1975 wedding, I attended a community school bread-making class in
     Anchorage. My mother had always fattened us with homemade white cinnamon rolls. That must have
     sparked my interest in bread, as I always pictured bread-making as the perfect way to nourish my
     family. My poor husband suffered through years of hand kneaded, sunken loaves of Stone Buhr flour
     failures. Each week I'd tell him what I would do differently to come up with the 'perfect' loaf.

          When we moved across the street from a lady with a stone mill, she would grind up enough flour
     for a batch. Freshly milled flour was the first key to my quest for nourishing, delicious bread. Some
     time later, I used some PFD funds for the closest thing I could find to a bread mixer, a Cuisinart Food
     Processor with a 'dough hook.' The bread improved, but was far from wonderful. One day with the
     dough still in the bowl, the dough hook stuck on the center post. I had to return the machine to the
     company for repair, dough and all. This was not the ideal bread setup. Not long after, a lady at my
     son's preschool handed me a perfect loaf of bread. Barbara described her Bosch. Key #2 appeared.
     It produced 5 perfect loaves at one time, and came with a blender, slicer/shredder, & whips. What a
     DREAM MACHINE!! If she could make this light, fluffy delicacy, so could I. How did I pay for it?
     I advertised my Cuisinart, my commercial Oster blender, my Sunbeam Mixmaster and an electric fry
     pan in the freebies. They all sold immediately. I purchased the dream kitchen package on July 15, 1987.

           Since selling & promoting flows in my genes, I knew the Bosch was what I wanted to market. I can
     only sell what I believe in. The gal who sold me my Bosch moved, but one day in the Penney's parking
     garage I saw a car advertising Bosch & Magic Mills. I followed the driver & told her I wanted to join
     up. On Feb. 11, 1988, it was official. Those first few years were VERY slow.

           I usually purchased grain from an Anchorage health food store. But at the State Fair in 1993, my
     eyes zeroed in on a grain display table. This man from Homer, offered bread samples made with
     Prairie Gold, grown at Wheat Montana Farms. The Farm also offered a wide variety of other certified
     chemical free grains. WOW!!  Here was the final key to the 'perfect loaf of bread.' Dana told me he
     was looking for a grain 'depot' in the area, would I like to do it? What a perfect plan! I could now
     supply the best grains and the best machines! God gave me the Wholy Living name, the format for the
     newsletter, energy to jump in, and my husband's approval!! I think the first grain order only totaled
     1000 lbs., but I was excited. With only a handful of customers, we didn't need much. By the spring of
     '95, we had a few more friends on board. We ordered up 4400 lbs. When we moved from Chugiak out
     to Palmer in the fall of '96, my mailing list was the front side of a ruled notebook paper. Since then,
     God blessed and 'enlarged our coasts.' A typical order now exceeds 40 tons. (WOW, you all eat a lot!!

           At this point we provide drop shipment service to customers around the state with an energetic family
     in charge of disbursing the orders. Pick the destination most convenient for you ~
·       Fairbanks
·       Delta Junction
·       The Copper Valley
·       Seward
·       Homer
          Between Anchorage & Big Lake, we have these drop points ~
            ·       Hillside
Jewel Lake 
·       Eagle River
·       Palmer
Big Lake          

          We also mail out bags, pails & boxes to Bush customers.
We pack boxes as heavily & tightly as
     possible to maximize postage expenses. So if you are on the road system or live in a village, let us help
     you nourish your family with delicious, nutritious REAL FOOD! We love this project and networking
     with so many fabulous families. What a blessed business! To God be the Glory. This is His business.
     We’re stewards as long as He directs.  Again, thank you for patronizing Wholy Living and Welcome to
     our Granary.

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