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                      May ~ June Updates





May this be a thoughtful, memorable weekend for us all! Yes, this is Memorial Day Weekend, not just another 3 day, beginning of summer vacation, but truly a time to remember, reflect, & be grateful for the sacrifices of those who have gone before us. Our family traditionally attends the Monday Services at the National Cemetery on Ft Rich. To get a fresh renewed vision for preserving our History, watch this short video… www.TheLostSecretsOfMemorialDay.com Thank a Veteran this weekend!

            v BOSCH DRAWING! Congratulations to Maggie Fussner of Eagle River!

v The Bosch Drawing was so much fun, let’s do it again ~ this time with Sizzle Pots! Anyone who purchases a Sizzle between now & July 1st will have their name entered in a drawing for a Sizzle of their choice. Stayed tuned for the winner in our July UPdates!

v  Most of the spring orders have been picked up. If you still need to retrieve yours, come during regular store hours or call to make arrangements. We are available most of the time, but summer camps are upon us!

v  We have a good inventory of just about everything, except coconut aminos. When they become available again, we will place the order to replenish the few out of stock items.

v  FYI…Tuesday, June 6th, my hubby will be manning the store. He is willing, but not always able to find everything. Please be patient!

v  If you were aware of the Azure issue with Sherman County, rest assured. The county reversed their demands after receiving 40,000 emails from concerned citizens all over the globe! Hallelujah, Azure remains an organic farm!


·       Call 745-5639 or email to reserve your spot, please.


Summer is a great time for classes, relax and learn some new skills, introduce a friend to whole grains! Here’s the June line up…

Tuesday, May 30th at 6 PM ~ BURGER MANIA, 10 Meals from 10# of Burger, by popular request, we’ll do this one again. Why not stock the freezer for the busy summer with quick grab & go meals? We also make a batch of bread to use with the entrees, and dessert. Bring a friend. $15/person

Saturday, June 3rd at 10 AM ~ WHOLE GRAINS 101, Soaking & Dehydrating, Uses of each grain, Bread/Pizza/Cinnamon Rolls, delicious food, great fellowship, learn how to use your equipment! $10/person

Tuesday, June 20th at 6 PM ~ SIMPLE SIZZLE SUPPERS, Keep cooking to a minimum with a couple of Sizzle pots. Stove top cooking preserves energy & maintains a cool kitchen! We’ll whip up a couple of Debbie Deitz’ dinners ~ PULLED BEEF & A REALLY GOOD CHILI. No meal is complete without savory bread/buns/rolls, a salad & dessert. I am pondering the dessert. I found too many yummy recipes tonight. $15/person

Saturday, July 8th at 10 AM, next WHOLE GRAINS 101. Suggestions for specialized variations to bread & other cooking classes are always welcome!

Thursday, July 13th at 6 PM, Bread Class


SIZZLE POTS! I love my stainless steel Sizzles, They are my go-to pots for a fast meal. With a pressure lid, they cut your cooking time in half, thus cutting your energy bill in half. Unlike traditional pressure pots, these feature a glass lid that opens anytime you wish during the cooking process! Then easily reseals. I cooked sweet potatoes in 15 minutes, grains in 15 minutes, beans, chicken, stew, … you name it & it does a great job! No heating up the oven this summer, either. I also have a few vegetable baskets that fit inside. Fill the basket with meat loaf, add carrots & potatoes on top & dinner is on the table in 30 minutes! Wednesday, I cooked chicken with onions & garlic for 24 hours. Thursday added black beans, a jar of salsa & salt. My daughter in law loved it! Simple meals, made easily, that is the name of the game with the Sizzle Pots. Check out the Sizzle accessories ~ meat trivets & vegetable steam baskets. Stop by & see them! They come in..

·       4 Liter for $129                                                                                  6 Liter for $139

·       8 Liter for $149                                                                                  10 Liter for $159

With three different color silicone ring lids:

Lime green                      Orange                            Black

Purchase one pot & get the second for ½ price.

Each purchase qualifies for an entry into the Sizzle Drawing on July 1st!



Easy snacks & grab & go breakfast! Hope you aren’t bored with these, but they are my favorite.

                                                                  CHEWY GRANOLA BARS
Preheat oven to  350*.
 Combine in your Bosch bowl:
            1 egg                                        2/3 C peanut butter                  1 stick butter, soft
            ½ C brown sugar                      ½ C honey                                2 t vanilla powder or extract
            3 C rolled oats, 7 grain rolled or freshly rolled grains                   ½ C coconut – chipped or shreds
            ½ C sunflower seeds                 ½ C pumpkin seeds                        ¼ C sesame seeds
            ½ C fresh flax meal                    ½ C cranberries or raisins            1 C chocolate chips
Press onto silicone lined cookie sheet ( I use a lasagna server). Bake for 20 minutes until lightly golden. Let cool. Cut in squares using the dough divider, so as not to slice the mat! Store in enclosed container. Enjoy!


Preheat oven to 270*. Mix in a large bowl:
          1 C brown sugar                       1 C sunflower seeds     ¼ C sesame seeds
1 C pumpkin seeds                   1 C slivered almonds     2 T vanilla powder
Mix well to evenly distribute the brown sugar (no lumps).
Add 12 – 15 C rolled grains… oats,    7 Grain rolled or freshly rolled.

Melt together on the stove top:
1 C coconut or olive oil       ½ C honey
if you don’t have powder, add 2 T vanilla extract
Thoroughly mix with the oat mixture. This takes awhile. Bake for 20 to 30 minutes until golden. Let cool. Store in airtight container.
*add peanut butter to liquids if you wish. Use different nuts, add dried fruit after baking.  


My PBRs (personal biased recommendations)

v If you, like me, want some true news about our President, check out wh.gov. After repeated unsuccessful connections on Internet Explorer, it does connect on Microsoft Edge. Read and watch amazing reports about their trip abroad. This is true, unbiased reports, not commentary, about his Presidential activities, so refreshing to really know what he is doing for our country.

v Conservative Review provided this link about the First Lady… [Melania's visit to a hospital is nothing short of sweet] I gained a new appreciation for her. Because we visited Israel several years ago, we were especially interested in their visit to Jerusalem. They were the first standing Presidential couple to visit the Western Wall even the Holocaust Museum. We finally have a President who loves and respects Israel.

v Please look around and don’t trust the common media reports. There are alternatives with true reporting.

v At the airport today, John & I met Nathan McPherson, an influential local lawyer. He is hosting a weekend on the importance of Biblical, constitutional education the last weekend of June. Stay tuned for more details.


If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves,
and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;
then will i hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin,
and will heal their land.      
2 Chronicles 7:14

Until Next Month, we remain Wholy Yours,


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