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                      September / October UPdates





Yes, it is the SEASON, to think about the Fall Order Cycle, our Fall Event & storing up for the winter. The website is totally ready for your inspection. We are doing our best to supply you with all the marvelous ingredients on our list. Hopefully, all will be in stock. Some, however, might need to wait until the spring cycle.


·        Please check out the website or just fill out the attached order form & return it to me. The co-op deadline is Wednesday, October 4th to receive the 10% savings on cash & check purchases, 7% on credit card purchases. *Please note, when you log in on the website, sometimes it might say, wrong email. I just ignore that & log in anyway. It works every time for me.

TO ORDER: Between now & Wednesday, October 4th, you may place an order on the website, fill out the attached form & email or snail mail it back to me, or just email a list. You’ll receive the savings on consumables whichever method works best for you.

TO PAY: No payment is received on the website. Most folks just pay at pick up. You may mail a check, if you like.

PICK UP: Expect an email from me around the middle of November to come pick up your order. Timely pickups are appreciated!


·        NEW ITEMS!

1.  BOSCH UNIVERSAL PLUS ICE CREAM MAKER sits right inside the bowl. Churn up continuous batches of delectable ice cream, yogurts, sorbets without refreezing your container. Makes up 1 ½ quarts at one time! $49

2.  L’Equip Personal Blender ~ with a RED base and small footprint, this will adorn your counter for those quick morning smoothies. Fill the jar and whirl up a nutritious breakfast! Easily remove the blades & attach a drinking lid to grab & go. $45

3.  SUNFLOWER OIL ~ nutritious, expeller pressed, non GMO, neutral flavor. Fawn in FBX uses it for bread, mayo, etc.. $28 / gallon

4.  CREAMUNCHY Peanut Butter is again, just roasted peanuts ground up while warm, so it is a delicious flavor, but no stirring needed. Again, FBX folks rave about this new brand. $43.50

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to register for ‘Tis the Season with Wholy Living,’ Friday & Saturday, October 13 & 14. Plan your arrival by 8:30 for breakfast. It will be another jammed packed info weekend with Debbie Deitz back at the helm. Thursday, we’re majoring on the Thanksgiving Feast, your lunch. Then Friday, it’s Christmas Dinner on center stage. Lots of holiday baking ideas, etc. You’ll be inspired to tackle the holidays. Door prizes, breakfast & lunch, the notebook, fellowship & food. It will be worth every penny! $35 for one day or $65 for both. Lord willing, those illusive croissants will finally be baked! Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tis-the-season-with-wholy-living-tickets-36767008111 or call me at 745-5639 to make your reservation.  


CLASSES ~ September & October

·        Thursday, Sept 21 @ 6 pm ~ BURGER MANIA & BREAD At the chicken class last month, a newbie requested the Burger Class, 10 meals from 10#s of burger! Lots of fun & food at this class. Learn new ways to stretch that burger!  $15 each

·        A DEBBIE CLASS Tuesday, October 10 @ 6 pm ~  PEROGI & RAVIOLI, another in the long list of Debbie’s specialties! These are favorite pasta dishes that Debbie loves to make.  $15 each  We will glean from her as long as she is here!

·       Saturday, October 28 @ 10 am ~ WHOLE GRAIN BREADS 101, Getting started with bread, hot cereal, pizza & take home cinnamon rolls! $10 each



Please give me a call or email to reserve a spot. Thanks.

745-5639 or margaret@wholyliving.com


ANCHORAGE CUSTOMERS: Sadly, Trina is taking some time off. Here are your fall co-op options:

1.     Come to Palmer to pick up your order! This is my personal preference, so I can see your smiling faces again!

2.     Meet me at my church on a Wednesday to pick up your order. You’ll find us at 1801 E 68th Ave, between Lake Otis & the frontage road. Call ahead to make arrangements & make sure we have room to bring in your order.

3.     Choose Helen Paajanen as your drop point. She lives about 7 miles up Eagle River Road. She is wonderful & will take good care of you.

Looking forward to seeing you in our Granary sometime soon, at ‘TIS THE SEASON …’ EVENT, or at pick up time, mid November.


If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves,

and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;

then will i hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin,

and will heal their land.       2 Chronicles 7:14


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