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August all ready? Thoughts turn to harvesting, back to school, State Fair, hunting. We are all about those things.

HOMESCHOOLERS: For all you homeschool moms, believe it or not, I miss schooling my children. Yes, it was a love/hate thing at times, but when it was done, wow, it was done! Thankfully, all our married youngun’s now home school our grands. What a blessing! Ruth has successfully launched her first three (she doubted if it would happen many times) shared this article with me. I thought you homeschool moms would relate to it.       www.tinasdynamichomeschoolplus.com  It is 4 UNDENIABLE REASONS I HATE HOMESCHOOLING… A Realistic view point.

Here is one more resource worth checking into… (sorry for ending my sentence with a preposition!) LIVE THE ADVENTURE CLUB. These folks produce historical audio adventures which really bring to life amazing historical events from a Biblical perspective. I listen to their dramas while sewing!     www.livetheadventureclub.com

HUNTERS! We do have a couple of meat grinders on the shelf for you successful hunters! They make swift work of moose, caribou, anything but a musk ox!

·       Berry Pickers, we have two Berry Presses for small fruit, apples, tomatoes, pears, etc. It attaches to that meat grinder! $85.



Saturday, AUGUST 5th at 10 AM ~ first of the month WHOLE GRAIN BREAD CLASS. Learn all about grains, how to use them, bread baking. Enjoy fabulous bread, hot cereal, pizza & take home cinnamon rolls. Fellowship is fabulous!

Thursday, AUGUST 17th from 5 to 7, I’ll be at TWINDLEY BRIDGE’S JUMP START parent gathering. Visit the table & sample our goodies!

Thursday, AUGUST 24th at 6 pm, BREAD & CHICKEN-SIZZLE MARATHON. Some folks requested a Thursday class, so here it finally is! Sorry to have changed it several times! I have 10# of boneless skinless chicken breasts in the freezer. Let’s see what all we can do with a batch of bread and the chicken! Should be fun! We do it with 10#s of burger, anxious to give it a go with chicken. We’ll whip up some ice cream in the new ICE CREAM attachment, too! See below.


Saturday, SEPTEMBER 2nd at 2:30 at the ALASKA STATE FAIR, Hoskins Building, WHOLE GRAIN BREAD DEMO.


Friday & Saturday, OCTOBER 13th & 14th, TIS THE SEASON WITH WHOLY LIVING, right here at our house, our Fall Event! Open the attached info flyer & register on Event Brite. Only 45 seats available each day!  www.eventbrite.com/wholyliving


Thursday, AUGUST 10th & Monday, AUGUST 24th at 6 pm, here a Kangen Water Demonstration. Start with a pizza dinner, then follow with Kangen info.



Purchase a Bosch Universal Plus for $389, and take your choice of one of these amazing attachments:

·       HIGH SPEED BLENDER value $75


·       ALL NEW ICE CREAM MAKER value $49 ~ The ice cream maker attachment for the BOSCH Universal Plus Mixer is quick and easy to use. In 20 minutes you can make 1.5 quarts of your favorite ice cream. There is no freezing of canisters involved, just your ingredients, some ice and rock salt! 

I have some arriving within 2 weeks. Will have plenty for the October event!


Make use of your FILTER PRO DEHYDRATOR (now only $135!) during produce sales and garden harvest! The Big Mouth Chopper and Slicer/Shredder Bosch attachments are the perfect tools to get the job done.

·       Peppers, carrots, celery, zucchini all run through the Big Mouth slicer

·       Cabbage & onion using the larger Big Mouth dice blade

·       Beets – cook first to remove the skins, then the Julienne blade or the thinnest slicing blade are an amazing snack!

·       Apple slices (sprinkle with cinnamon), banana slices ~ I haven’t tried strawberries, but I think someone did with good success.

·       Pineapple ~ my grandcherubs’ personal favorite!



  from the freezer & the FILTER PRO

In large Sizzle (my personal preference) cook:

          2 quart water                                               ¼ C chicken broth powder

          ½ C each millet, brown rice & quinoa             1 T Himalayan salt

          3 – 4 T each dehydrated cabbage, carrots, peppers, onions OR fresh or frozen veggies, your favorites

          Your favorite seasonings.

          1 or 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts (I used frozen shredded out of my freezer)

Bring up to ‘Sizzle’ – or boiling, turn down to simmer for 25 minutes.

Let rest another 15 minutes.

Remove chicken & shred in Bosch bowl using your wire whips. Return to pot.


This was so simple. I made for some friends who needed some good chicken soup. They appreciate it with some good homemade rolls.


Lord bless you bunches! See you at an event in the near future!

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves,
and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;
then will i hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin,
and will heal their land.      
2 Chronicles 7:14
Until next time, we remain.....
Wholy Yours,

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