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 Spring Blessings

Special Annual Events (September 2016)


Hallelujah! We did not just survive, but thrived through another incredibly mild Alaskan winter! With Spring knocking on the door, let’s plan to restock the pantry, in preparation for a healthy Alaskan summer! Chatting with a mom today, she is so grateful she learned the skills & established her whole grain routine with young ones. Now as they grow & eat more, it is just part of their everyday lives! She even soaks nuts!


Mark your calendar. Debbie is working on recipes right now! We’ll start with all the whole grain basics on Friday afternoon & evening, moving to more advanced sessions on Saturday. We are excited to incorporate our new

B / R / K SIZZLE pots into all the workshops. Spread the word, let’s fill up the classes! Our Venue is Rabbit Creek Community Church. We’ll also do a full day event at our Granary in Palmer with Deb, too. Lord willing, we will conquer the CROISSANTS this year.

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  • Amazing Demonstrators around Alaska who teach bread classes and distribute co-op orders.Co-op info.html

  •  A variety of monthly Bread Baking & Cooking classes ~ HOME MADE MATTERS! class_events.html

  • A well stocked Granary with regular store hours in Palmer, Fairbanks & Kenny Lake.  A mini store at Chickabiddys at Tudor & the Old Seward in Anchorage.

    • Palmer~3 - 7 on Tuesday & 10 - noon on Saturday

    • Fairbanks~ 4 - 8 on Tuesday

    • Kenny Lake~ call Katie 822-3469

  • A web store ~ place your order & arrange for pick up, mail out, or delivery in your area of Alaska. http://shopping.wholyliving.com/

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    Margaret Loew


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